4 Tips for a Tooth Happy Halloween

Halloween without candy is impractical. Here are some tips for having a tooth healthy Halloween!

The best part of the Halloween celebration for children is eating a lot of candy. While this is a thrilling experience for them, they risk tooth decay, cavity, and other teeth problems. On the other hand, Halloween without candy is impractical. The only option is to enjoy candy and other goodies with a plan.


Limit Consumption

As a parent or guardian control how much snacks and sweets, your child will eat. Encourage children to eat more healthy options and eat a few sweets. Such discipline is difficult for a child to have without supervision. Be there to ensure they minimize sugar intake. You could motivate them by giving them rewards if they play by the rules.


Educate Children

Although this approach may not be absolute, it will play a significant role in discouraging too many sugary foods during Halloween. Inform the children about the repercussion of eating too many candies as opposed to healthy foods. Since you cannot entirely rely on this approach, accompany the sensitization with supervision.


Brushing Teeth Regularly

Remind the children to brush teeth after eating sweets, snacks or any high-calorie foods. It ensures that the sugary bits will be washed away from the teeth. Getting tooth decays and cavities are possible despite brushing teeth after meals. If people do not brush teeth after eating candies, the sugary deposits will have ample time to react on the teeth.


Time for Sweets and Snacks

During meal times, increased saliva production happens to start the digestion process. Such a time is convenient for sweets and other sugary foods. The saliva will wash away any deposits on the teeth, preventing tooth decay. Also, chewing sugar-free gum also induces a lot of saliva production. Children can be encouraged to chew it after meals.

Halloween should not compromise children’s dental. They can enjoy it and maintain their oral health. Contact our office with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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