Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

Here is a quick guide to the circumstances that qualify as a dental emergency.

Knowing what types of dental injuries constitute a dental emergency will keep you from panicking and save you from making unnecessary trips to the emergency room. It will so help you not to wait for too long with a situation that should be handled immediately. Here is a quick guide to the circumstances that qualify as dental emergencies.

First, let us point dental care needs that do not qualify as emergencies. They include:

The above are regular dental services that can wait for the normal appointment hours. Below are the true dental emergencies. Seek medical attention immediately any of the following occurs.


Adult Tooth Loss

It is rare for adults to lose teeth and it is usually the result of an infection or accident. It requires immediate attention because it is sometimes possible to reattach the tooth. Otherwise, it should be replaced immediately. If the tooth is still in the socket, bite it down with moistened gauze until you get to the emergency room.


Tooth Chipping or Cracking

Chipping or racking of a tooth when eating may not attract much attention because it is painless. However, it requires immediate attention as such cracks can lead to an infection that will eventually need a root canal.


A Severe Toothache

It is the result of dental decay or infection. The throbbing pain is an indication that the decay has spread to the nerves and therefore requires immediate attention.



Pus in the mouth is a sign of extreme infection and requires immediate dental attention.


Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a severe infection that shows up as a painful bump in the gum tissue.

Do you think you have an emergency dental care need? Contact a professional dentist today for help.

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