How to Ease your Child’s Dental Fear

Do you have a little one who’s developed a fear of the dentist?

Don’t worry. Lots of small children have dental fear. There are things you can do to nip this fear in the bud!


1. Start Early

Many dentist fears come about from fear of the unknown. Bring your child to the dentist regularly early in life so they become accustomed to the process of having their teeth worked on.


2. Keep Things Light

Children don’t need to know the specifics of everything the dentist does. Just keep things general when describing the process. Try to use words your child recognizes and feels comfortable with.


3. Be Their Rock

As your child sits back in the dentist chair, they will use your face to register how things are going. Keep a smile on your face to indicate that everything is fine. This will help keep your child happy, too.


4. Practice a Visit

If your child is feeling really fearful, consider having a practice visit where you play the dentist. Use a scarf for your mask and the end of a toothbrush as your dental instrument. You can be silly and count your child’s teeth out loud. You could also name each tooth with silly names and talk to them as you tap lightly on a tooth pretending to work on it.


5. Reward Them After the Visit

No matter how your child’s dental visit goes, reward them with something on the way home. This will help them associate going to the dentist with a positive feeling. The reward can be something simple, like a visit to a favorite park or a small treat.

The more your child sees the dentist, the more comfortable they will be with the experience. What you do now to help your child will enable them to have a lifetime of dental health! Contact Oronoco Dental today to schedule your child’s visit!

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