National Dental Hygiene Month

The awaited National Dental Hygiene Month is finally here.

In October, we celebrate dental hygienists and the great job they do. During this month, we also raise awareness of the importance of good oral hygiene. The National Dental Hygiene Month is sponsored by the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program(WOHP) and American Dental Hygienists Association(ADHA). Unlike popular belief, dental hygiene is not just for the children adults too, need to keep a close watch on their dental health. For adults, teeth do not grow back, therefore, basic dental hygiene routines are crucial.


Dental health can be influenced by your eating habits as proper nutrition promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Having a well-balanced diet supplements our immune system to help fight off teeth infections. Opt for nutritious snacks such as fresh fruits, cheese, and natural yogurt.

Emphasis on drinking plenty of water cannot be understated. If you enjoy sugary drinks, soft drinks or flavored juices, its best to have them with meals not in between meals. Opt for plain milk rather than flavored milk. Also, brush your teeth twice a day and remember to floss.


Remember to clean the inside surfaces of your front teeth and brush your tongue to dislodge bacteria.

Brushing your teeth keeps your breath fresh and helps maintain a healthy smile. Research has proven that chewing sugarless gum after meals is a practice we should embrace. While chewing gum, the saliva produced helps neutralize and rinse away harmful bacteria. The trick is to choose sugarless gum so check the seal carefully.

Apart from following all the above dental hygiene practices, it is important to maintain regular dental visits. These visits help identify potential problems while in the early stages and easily treat them. Come and celebrate the National Dental Hygiene Month with us at Oronoco Dental.

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