Tips for a Great First Dental Visit

Kids benefit from their first dental visit seeing the dentist before their first birthday

Kids benefit from their first dental visit seeing the dentist before their first birthday or within six months of cutting their first tooth. This initial visit helps set the tone for future dental exams and cleanings, so it is important to make the most of it from the start. Use the following tips to breeze through the appointment and ensure a great first visit to the dentist for your child.


Select the Ideal Time for Your Child

Timing is everything and that goes double when scheduling your child’s first dental appointment. Choose a time when your kiddo will be well-rested, recently fed, and in a good mood. Avoid times when they are normally napping, eating, or otherwise occupied during their routine at home. Even if you have to schedule the visit out a bit, it is well worth picking a time that will help your child cope with this new experience.


Prepare Your Kiddo Ahead of Time

Well before kids are talking, they benefit from hearing their parents talk about what lies ahead. So, chat away about the appointment and what to expect to help your kiddo get used to the idea of going to the dentist. You can also get them used to having their teeth examined and cleaned by completing parts of the process at home. After meals, use a damp baby washcloth or toothbrush to clean their teeth and gums, giving them an idea of what to expect at the dentist.


Stay Positive, Upbeat, and Super Calm

Kids are very in tune with how their parents feel, so focus on staying positive and upbeat throughout the visit. Even if your child does not cooperate with the initial exam, stay calm and understanding every step of the way. Just remember, the dentist will have many other chances to take a look at their teeth and gums. Unless there is a problem, these early visits are just about meeting the dentist and learning about the care steps.


Cut It Short if Your Child Gets Cranky

Since you definitely want to end the visit on a good note, be prepared to leave early if your child is just not feeling it. Your dentist will completely understand and reschedule for another day that works for you and your child. When you return, the next visit will be much easier on your child, making it much more likely you can complete it in full.

With these tips on your side, you can make the most of your child’s first dentist visit, setting the tone for future appointments. So, schedule that first visit and get started in giving your child the best dental care possible.

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