Why You Should Choose A Pediatric Dentist

Don’t just make an appointment with your regular dentist for your kids! Here’s why you should choose a pediatric dentist.

It’s important that children establish good oral hygiene habits from an early age.  Set a good precedent by getting your child to a dentist within six months of their first tooth coming through. Don’t just make an appointment with your regular dentist. Find a pediatric dentist to treat them instead.


How Are Pediatric Dentists Different?

Pediatric dentists receive an additional two to three years of training that focuses on treating children and adolescents. They understand the challenges presented by evolving teeth. This allows them to create the right treatment plans for children with issues like cavities, gum disease, or other problems.


What Else Do They Do?

They provide a wide range of services adjusted to the needs of children, including:

Preventative Services – Pediatric dentists stress the importance of good dental habits early on. They also know what problems to look for and how to address them in still-developing teeth.

X-Rays – Additional safeguards are used to protect children from any chance of radiation exposure.

Mouth guards – Pediatric dentists receive special training in creating custom mouthguards designed to fit a child’s mouth. They help prevent injuries to still-growing teeth.


What’s the Office Atmosphere Like?

Most pediatric dentists design their office to be much less formal. You’ll often find toys and other decorations meant to put children at ease and leave them open to the entire experience.

They also use tools specially designed to fit the mouths of children. Most like to let the kids examine the tools as a way to remove the mystery and put any fears at ease.

Choosing a pediatric dentist early helps build a lifetime of good dental practices. Oronoco Dental makes any visit as easy and educational as possible for your child.

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