Dental Fillings Stop Decay

Even with careful brushing and flossing, tooth decay can still happen. Decay is caused by by-products of bacteria in the mouth that slowly eat away at teeth. When this happens, your dentist may recommend a dental filling. You may not feel any pain even though you have tooth decay. It is important to have dental fillings to stop decay before it causes pain.

Fillings are often done under local anesthesia, which makes the procedure more comfortable. The dentist will clean out the decayed area, and then fill in the decayed area with a tooth-colored filling material.


Protect a Tooth with a Dental Crown

A crown may be necessary when a tooth has more structural damage. A crown fits over the top of the entire tooth like a cap. It is crafted to fit your tooth and cemented in place by the dentist. This allows it to blend in with the rest of your teeth in the way it looks and the way it feels when you chew.

Crowns are often recommended when a significant portion of the tooth is cracked, missing, or otherwise weak. They are also used after a root canal or in combination with bridges.


Dental Bridges Close the Gap

If one or more teeth are missing, the surrounding teeth can shift over time. This shifting impacts bite quality and may lead to oral health problems such as gum disease. Your dentist may recommend a bridge to span the gap and prevent this from happening. The teeth surrounding the gap are used as anchors, and an artificial tooth is cemented to fill in the space. Like crowns, bridges are custom molded to your mouth so that they fit you perfectly.

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