When Should my Child go to the Dentist?

Just like adults, a child’s visit to the dentist may include x-rays, dental cleaning, filling cavities, and other more advanced procedures. For best results, start visiting the dentist after your child’s first birthday. From this point forward, begin taking your child to the dentist twice each year. This is because developing good early oral hygiene habits is a key predictor of long-term tooth and gum health. Building these healthy habits early means less chance of serious – and expensive – dental treatments during adolescence and early adulthood. Taking your son or daughter to the dentist throughout their childhood is an important investment in their long-term well-being.


What to Look for in a Pediatric Dentist

Visiting the dentist should be a comfortable experience. Look for a dentist who knows how to make the visit fun and engaging for your child. Additionally, you’ll want a dentist who prevents anxiety by helping you and your child feel safe and secure.

Oronoco Dental is excited to offer exactly this style of pediatric dentistry. We will help your child feel comfortable and secure, all while providing the highest quality dental services. Contact us today to schedule your child’s next dental appointment.

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